From design to completion commissions are carried out working closely with the client throughout the project.


Commissions vary from one off designs of a kitchen table to design and make of dining room furniture for a private school.


We try and arrange an onsite visit to gain a true understanding of the clients requirements and to establish the setting the design is destined for.


From what we have learnt from our visit and discussions with our client we enter the next stage which is design.  Once the design has been discussed and approved by the client we create a model to get a true understanding of the proportions of the article.


During the commission we invite the client to call in and see work in progress. 


We try and offer a unique production service using modern technology compromised with traditional techniques to ensure that only the highest standards are achieved.


We have in the past sourced timber locally to the client often providing a provenance of the tree and its age which all adds to the personal touch.